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Pension Credit is a benefit that aims to prevent elderly people stay out of poverty. According to Age UK four million people are entitled to Pension Credit but 1 in 3 people eligible are not claiming it.

When your working life ends you might find it harder to afford the upkeep of your home and to pay for the cost of feeding and clothing yourself. On top of that, medical conditions and general old age can mean you have to pay for extras you didn’t require in your working days.

Pension Credit enables people of pension age and over to live more comfortably in their golden years. If you worry about paying for food, rent and utility bills it make sense to see whether you qualify for this benefit.

Pension Credit is split into two parts – Guarantee Credit and Savings Credit. Read on to find details of each part:


Savings Credit

This is money paid by the government for which you are eligible if you have saved up some money or have an income that amounts to more than the state pension. Savings credit is £18.06 per week for single people or £22.89 for couples.


Guarantee Credit

This enables you to boost your income to a guaranteed £145.40 per week for single people, or £222.05 for couples.


Additional payments

The government has set aside extra money for carers, severely disabled people and those with specific housing expenses. If you qualify under any of these scenarios you may be able to claim more.

Even if you only achieve a small amount of Pension Credit every week or month it is worthwhile claiming it, because if you are eligible for this benefit you may be able to qualify for other financial help too.


Who qualifies for Pension Credit?

To qualify for Pension Credit you must be aged 66 or over and live in Great Britain. Couples are specified as those who live together – you do not have to be married or in a civil partnership.


Housing Credit

Housing Credit is a new element of Pension Credit which is due to be introduced in October 2014. This new element will be given to elderly people who need support in paying their rent.